Jupiter Sticker

The great planet Jupiter. So far away, and yet looking from outer space, so close to earth. The striped colours speak to the imagination. Take a close look and you will see a black spot. This is not an error in the photo. It is actually one of Jupiters moons, Europa. Credit to NASA for this amazing picture. The Jupiter Sticker is available for EUR 0,60 from Google Play. Please check Google Play for other currencies and availability of paid apps in your location.

Full Description as published on Google Play

The Jupiter Sticker is a beautiful way to decorate your homescreen. Stickers (sometimes also referred to as magnets) are nice widgets to place images on your background. Simple and beautiful. Please check out our collection of stickers/magnets. Image made by NASA. The black dot on the planet is not an error, it is the shadow of the moon Europa.

This sticker is available in the sizes 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4. All are installed with this package. You will receive all three sizes by downloading.

Please remember that this is a widget, not a normal app. It will not show in the app drawer. In order to place it on the home screen, tap and hold an empty space on the home screen and select widgets. The sticker (or magnet)  will be in the widget list, select it in order to place it. The widget menu is often also located in the personalization menu.

Can’t find your ultimate sticker or magnet in the market yet? Do you have any other comments or ideas? Please contact us at info@orcraphics.biz. Please also report bugs and issues here. We will try to fix it immediately. Depending on how complex the issue is, we strive to fix any bugs within 24 hours. Thank you.

Enjoy your Jupiter Sticker Widget and have a look at our other stickers/magnets.

This app is part of the intellectual property of Orcraphics. Unauthorized use or reselling can lead to legal action.