Beluga Analog Clock

How can anyone resist that cute face? Beluga whales are often considered to be a bit odly shaped. The 'melon' on their head (highly specialized communication area), and the flaps on their side and bottom (fat protecting their organs) make them look a bit weird. But cute none the less. So we have a special, not a series, with this Beluga Analog Clock. For the Beluga Whale lovers amongst us, we also offer a Beluga Whale Sticker/Magnet.

This clock will be available from Google Play for EUR 0,60. Please check Google Play for other currencies. If you are unable to find this app on Google Play, please check that paid apps are available in your location.

Full Description as published on Google Play

Why have a simple and boring analog clock when you can check your time on this beautiful Beluga clock? The Beluga Analog Clock widget is the ultimate clock! It will make your home screen cool and beautiful, and you will always be on time.

Please remember that this is a widget, not a normal app. It will not show in the app drawer. In order to place it on the home screen, tap and hold an empty space on the home screen and select widgets. The analog clock will be in the widget list, select it in order to place it. The widget menu is often also located in the personalization menu.

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Enjoy your Beluga Analog Clock Widget and have a look at our other Beluga and other animal analog clocks.

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