The Manatee Project and Ripple the Killer Whale

Orcraphics proudly presents the Manatee Project and our new mascotte Ripple the Killer Whale. Orcraphics realises too well that wildlife is not just on the images and clocks of our apps. But is actually out there, in the wild, struggeling to survive. We have therefore adopted a Killer Whale named Ripple and started The Manatee Project

Ripple, our new mascotte, is actually the sister of Corky. The Killer Whale most know for the Killer Whale Analog Clock 1 & 2. She was caught at a young age and now inspires people at a Marine Zoo in San Diego. Her younger sister Ripple, is still in the wild and leader of the A5 pod. Learn all about Ripple here.

The Manatee Project includes eight manatee themed apps by Orcraphics. The proceeds of these apps goes to the Save the Manatee Club. As a kick off we have adopted manatee Howie. Learn all about the Manatee Project and Howie here.

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