Howie the Manatee

For the start of The Manatee Project by Orcraphics, we have adopted Howie the Manatee. Howie is a real manatee who winters at the Blue Spring State Park. The Manatee project includes eight manatee themed apps, the proceeds of these apps goes to the Save the Manatee Club. For the kick off of this project we have adopted Howie from this organization. 

We have chosen to adopt Howie because of his 'hobby', he likes to tip over the canoe, including the researchers. We found this very funny, especially if you realize that the Save the Manatee Club tries to prevent humans being in the water with the manatees. Howie is a manatee with real personality. Orcraphics believes it shows beyong a shadow of a doubt, that animals are more like humans than we sometimes like to admit. Even these characteristic cows of the sea need to be protected from harm we as humans cause them, even if we harm them accidentally.

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Howie is known for being one of the most playful and popular manatees wintering at Blue Spring State Park. He has returned to the park every winter since 1971, and spends the cold days enjoying the warm spring water. Like most manatees in the wild, Howie bears boat injury scars. One scar has left a "x" mark on his back... read more

Adopt your own Manatee!

You can adopt your own Manatee from the Save the Manatee Club! You can choose the area which you wish to adopt from and then the individual. By adopting a manatee you support the work of the Save the Manatee Club. This is highly neccesary. The Save the Manatee has preformed a 100 rescues in 2011. Manatees are too often hit by boats, getting entangled in fishing lines or trapped in human structures. This can cause serious injuries and even death. If we want to keep this species alive, we need to act now! So support/adopt a manatee now from the Save the Manatee Club. Please visit Or buy one of the eight manatee apps from Orcraphics. For other ways to help please check How to Help.

Photo's of Howie