The owner and head developer of Orcraphics, Saskia Gijsbers, has adopted a Killer Whale on behalf of Orcraphics. In doing so, we support conservation and research efforts for Killer Whales in the wild. We have adopted a Killer Whale from the A5 pod in the waters of Britisch Colombia.

We have chosen to adopt Ripple, who is also known as A43. The Killer Whale Corky is the star of our Killer Whale Analog Clock 1 & 2, and soon some of our stickers. Corky is actually the older sister of Ripple. Caught at a very early age, Corky is now the oldest Killer Whale in capitivity. She currently resides in a Marine Zoo in San Diego. To honour Corky, we have chosen her younger sister to adopt. It pleases us very much to see the similarities between Corky and Ripple. Ripple has the same 'scoop' out of her eyepatch and the same very straight and upright dorsal fin. Please look at the similarities yourself. Below you will find the adoption certificate and the biography of Ripple.

Adoption Certificate


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Ripple (A43), named after Ripple Point in Johnstone Strait, is an adult female killer whale born in 1981. Ripple took over as the family's new matriarch when her mother Stripe (A23) died in 2000. Ripple became a mother herself in 1994 with the birth of her first calf.... Read more

Adopt your own Killer Whale!

Like Orcraphics, you can adopt your own Killer Whale. Please visit . You can choose your own Killer Whale to adopt and read all about the conservation and research efforts for the wild Killer Whales. We encourage everyone interested to do so. We must all remember, that wildlife is not just in the apps on our phones, but struggling to survive out there. Admire Killer Whales in the zoo, but support their struggle to survive out there. There is so much that we don't know about wildlife. We are not certain how old Killer Whales can get, or where the Northern Residents go to in the winter months. Support those efforts and help protect them from becoming even more endangered. Please go to and adopt a Killer Whale of your own. On behalf of all of Orcraphics and the Vancouver Aquarium, thank you.

Photo's of Ripple

In the first picture, Ripple A43 is the whale to the far left with Midsummer A69 behind her and Fife A60 in front. In the second picture Ripple is the whale most visible in the middle. The third picture shows the dorsal fin and saddle patch. These types of pictures are used to identify the animals. For more detailed information click here.