Orcraphics is heavily focused on apps with a nature theme. But wildlife is not just in pictures, stickers or clocks. Wildlife is out there, struggeling to survive. Orcraphics therefore supports several conservation efforts. We would encourage everyone to support conservation efforts close to you. Perhaps even adopt a Killer Whale, like our mascotte Ripple.

Below you can find an overview of our current involvement in conservation.


Ripple, The Killer Whale

The owner and head developer of Orcraphics, Saskia Gijsbers, has adopted a Killer Whale on behalf of Orcraphics. In doing so, we support conservation and research efforts for Killer Whales in the wild. We have adopted a Killer Whale from the A5 pod in the waters of Britisch Colombia. We have chosen to adopt Ripple, who is also known as A43. Read more



The Manatee Project

Read all about our Manatee Project. We have created eight different manatee apps. Some of these apps are available for free. The free apps also have paid donation versions. Please consider buying the donation versions or one of the paid apps to support the manatees.All the proceeds go to the Save the Manatee Club. Read more

You can also find out more about our adopted manatee Howie, who we adopted as kick off for the Manatee Project.