Is a small business located in Purmerend, The Netherlands. Orcraphics develops android applications. Our main focus is on personalisation. Many developers already focus on pure functional apps, but who can live without their phones these days? You want it to fit you perfectly, represent who you are and the things that you like. Much is already available on the Android Market/Google Play, but there is much room for improvement.

If you have a great idea for an app, let us know through the contact page. And we might just release your idea as an app to Android Market/Google Play soon!  

Binding Passion

The business was started by Saskia Gijsbers and she has provided our motto/slogan: Binding Passion. Her first inspiration came from her passion for Killer Whales. She has combined this passion with her passion for creation and interest for IT and programming. Her passion for Killer Whales clearly shows in our logo, which incorporates two Killer Whales, and we hope they will provide all the inspiration we need. We hope that by providing personalisation apps for your Android phone, you will be able to bind you, your phone and your passion together. To truly make your phone an extension of you. Our apps will bind people and their passion from all over the world.

Please check our product page for our current applications in the market.

Our Mascotte: Ripple and our Conservation Efforts

Orcraphics is heavily focused on apps with a nature theme. But wildlife is not just in pictures, stickers or clocks. Wildlife is out there, struggeling to survive. To honour Corky, the Killer Whale featured in our most popular Killer Whale Analog Clocks 1 & 2, we have decided to adopt her younger sister. Her name is Ripple, but she is also known as A43. Read all about Ripple and how to adopt your own Killer Whale here or go directly to http://killerwhale.vanaqua.org/ to pick a Killer Whale to adopt.


Besides adopting a Killer Whale, Orcraphics can now prowdly present The Manatee Project. We have created eight different apps with a manatee theme. All the proceeds will go to the Save the Manatee Club. Please consider buying on of those eight manatee apps to help support the manatees.